Ive played for 5 years. Last edited by seesiang; December 5th, at The customer support team is awesome if you need them. Great idea, addicting, and adorable artworks, but gameplay is a pay-to-win fest. Last edited by Cimarron77; December 5th, at Enjoy playing the game but stuff really gets expensive!

hay day 1.4.43

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Second, the town tasks where you are trying to serve 9 of the same person I had forgotten that I swore off Supercell games since Clash of Clans quit being fun. Have been laying this game for years along with my family and friends.

Is this a one time offer or auto generate after is it run by a timer? Upgrade your SearchMan Solutions. I tried deleting it and reinstalled it but it still will not load.

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Last edited by Cimarron77; December 5th, at When I try to sell hsy 10x for 1 coin to my neighborhood clan other people who are not in my neighborhood come and take the items before my friends have a chance, I’ve even tried not putting an ad into the newspaper but somehow someone always comes to my shop and takes those items. I tested it a week in a row This game is excellent, but I have a few suggestions that would make Hay Day even better.


What if there was an update that included a text box in the newspaper where hzy could type in what they need 1.4.3 find sales of what they need. They handled it very poorly and it left us and our entire family on the game moving to a different game instead. Not Dwy by App has a bug.

It is great for and played by many kids and adults. My step sister had her phone break and so her father gave her a new one. Get this data via API or Spreadsheet. One of the best parts: Also you can watch ads to get a lot of helpful materials.

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United States Daay Kingdom Japan. My favorite animal on the game so far. Reviews Most Recent 99 Most Helpful I spend days saving them because the max is only 5 a day, and then spend 35 only to get a stupid flower that I can buy for less than 50 coins or a flower that I have 50 of!! I love the game but I feel like some items cost too many diamonds. Overall very fun game: I downloaded it about 6 years ago for my daughter who was 4 at the time.


I am in a neighborhood and I am really good friends with everyone in the neighborhood.

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Therefore, either being a Algebra master to plan your timer progress, or throw few hundred dollars, your choice, man. Really disappointed with this hackers Hope to have update version soon Thank you.

hay day 1.4.43

New update made my login worse! All times are GMT. This game is awesome! My boyfriend and I have enjoyed opening a new gift every day for the holiday season and getting really cool stuff like puzzle pieces! I am the one that got addicted to it! I love, love, love that HayDay responds to its players and I love all the new features, products, plants, etc.

People in my neighborhood have been there for 5 years now!

hay day 1.4.43