Adding a in front of a number will hide caller id. GrooVe IP has a separate dialer that can be used to make calls. After a LiveUpdate it took too long before the application restarted. Due to a bug, the main connection could be closed when p2p connections where aborted. The configuration of the VoiceEngine was not cached correctly.

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Vtp connection method has been made less dependent on backend server status. Voice without Minutes now including SMS!

When hovering from an empty contact area to the directcall icon, no tooltip was displayed. The internal connection handling has been enhanced. Various bug fixes in the language editor. This bug could crash the client. The client could end up in a connection state where it could not logon anymore.

New User Registration Wizard bugfix: Finarea’s software and service provides voip connect 4.13 build 732 phone service providers free VOIP calls. Minor Bug fixes bugfix: When the numbertype of a contact changes the little icon connectt not updated properly.


There was a bug in the background drawing functions that could cause clients to crash.


If you have a smart-phone with Wi-Fi connectivity but no mobile plan, you can use this app to convert it to a free, full-featured working phone. The huild icon overlapped the number-type-icon in the contactlist. A timer bug has been cknnect iin the WAN-test. Stopping the client while a call was still active could sometimes freeze the client. Due to the numberplan implementation, email adresses with two or more ‘.

The client could accidentally logoff while trying to connect a peer to peer session.

– Should I Block It? (MD5 dd72fa6cbec16fc)

An non working test menu item has been removed from the view. The advanced connection system has been enhanced. When entering very long usernames in the logon screen the client would not respond anymore and logonprocedure had to be manually terminated.

When a restricted user tries to perform a LiveUpdate, a proper error message is displayed. In a network with an internet connfct the client could sometimes crash. The autologon link was not working. It was impossible to remove displaypictures. Very often the client would not select the optimal connection method. When the first character was entered in the searchbar on the contacts tab, a sound would be heard.



Various textual changes in the ‘getting started’ wizard. Bad connections suffered from this bug the most. Fixed the volume control in the active screen. Fixed potential crash in Bandwidth test connecy. Fixed potential crash in shutdown sequence.

When starting a conference and the new conference partner was a P2P contact, the new partner would not always be added to the conference.

Phoneverify for fixed phonenumbers is possible now in the optionmenu at caller id section. Message when user comes online was not displayed anymore.