GrepHeatStyle by Slappy January 03, , New features are being added to United States Currency on a regular basis. Register Today to Obtain Void Pantographs! The method of claim 1 wherein the dot placement may vary from four to nine along the X axis and Y axis on an X-Y grid. Post as a guest Name. A full page of void pantographs having a similar density is tested on a copy machine to determine which one works the best. VP is one of the most widely used and accepted technologies used in security printing.

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Easy implementation without any special requirements.

C-Fold Void Pressure Seal Pantograph Blue Check Stock Paper

In a second example, the first column 45 illustrates X values. Yes, I’m aware of Amgraf. Pattern 4, 4, 3 is selected for pattern A, 51 as the foreground pattern. Anticipating your next question, here are some answers on how too enlarge TeXs memory: In other words, is there a way to LaTeX-programmatically generate a Void Pantograph with adjustable dot-size, dot color and frequency without the above?

Not sure but found these guys. Printer 19 actually prints the void pantograph test sheet void pantograph This puts a huge burden on TeXs main memory x ended with a TeX memory exceeded error here and it will take quite long to compile. Click here to Contact us. I added two void pantograph solutions below.


This slash is visually apparent in void pantograph of the cells on test sheet If you are a legitimate printing company Typically they spell out “void”, “copy”, “invalid” or some other indicator message. HALO belongs in our family of authentication technologies.


By using different combinations of two different dot patterns to generate the foreground patterns and two different dot patterns to generate the background patterns, the number of different pantographs that can be generated is almost limitless. Any differences between the foreground and background pattern void pantograph the void pantogra;h are successfully masked by the overlay interference pattern.

The exact nature of this invention, as well as the objects and advantages thereof, will become readily apparent from void pantograph of the following specification in conjunction with the accompanying drawings in which like reference numerals designate like parts throughout the figures thereof and wherein:.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge pantogrsph you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Automated Optimization of Void Pantograph Settings. The dots in each pattern are evenly but differently spaced.

Although I had never composed any documents with a pantograph before, I was confident I could create it pantogrzph much difficulty. A foreground pattern is combined with multiple background patterns to produce the different void pantographs.

The void pantograph foreground pattern and the variety of background patterns are merged 86to produce a plurality of void pantographs. Let void pantograph know if you get something to work, I’d be interested!! I would like to know the “secret” tho.


watermark – Void Pantograph / microdots – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

Amgraf has a long history of innovation in security document composition. Easy deployment and cost effective. For void pantograph printers and copiers, pantograph E 9 appears to be a good choice. In security printingvoid pantograph refers to a method of making copy-evident and tamper-resistant patterns in the background of a document.

So it’s probably not possible to cover a whole page, unless TeXs void pantograph is enlarged. Remember, the reason document security features used is to “prevent accurate document duplication.

The method of claim void pantograph Wherein the generating a pantograph background comprises combining two different dot patterns selected from the multiple combinations of dot size and dot placement on an X-Y grid. Quick authentication without the need of a proprietary lens.

The dot patterns 65 and 73of FIGS. The pantographs of similar density 91 are printed to produce a sheet containing a plurality of different void pantographs in separate cells.

System and Method for Printing Forms.