These methods are mostly used for calculation of chemical cargoes. Anthony George Johnny Sep 25, There are so many tables to use and so many terms that float. Once i reached next load ports i had a problem on what density to use as the commingled density will be different from density given by load port surveyor. There are five buttons on the screen for switching units no. Fuel blending density after 2nd parcel.

vcf table 54a

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vcf table 54a

Creating and editing a bunker report: Knowledge dies if it remains in our head. A number of standard entries such as end of passage, pilot on board etc are already prepared, but you can edit each title and create your own as required, in the time sheet editor. Normally the VEF is calculated for loading vcff. The tutorials part 7 for the Android version of Cargo Surveyor is the second session of the Ullage report tutorial. As you can see in the picture on the left side, our two earlier generated ullage reports have been selected: So kindly please help me to do so.

These addresses can either be entered manually, or be selected from yable contacts.

Cargo Calculations on Tankers with ASTM Tables: Here is all you need to know – MySeaTime

The rationale for allowing the use of actual densities at the wholesale trade level, and not at the retail level, is premised on the idea that the wholesale purchaser is typically a more sophisticated buyer and has the potential to verify the density used. In the pdf or jpg report, all calculated data is shown for each tank, together with a totals for both grades before, and after. The app automatically checks if the total of mole fractions equals 1, and issues a warning for the following events:.


This title can be edited to whatever you want it to be. If temperature fields contain values, these are automatically converted. In the mean time, for those who are interested in Cargo Surveyor for Android: John Jan 22, The report has been printed using SI Metric units in general settings.

Vinod Jun 29, The first time you try to select addresses from your contacts the app will ask your permission to access your contacts.

There are different ASTM tables for crude oil and for product oils. Find the mass 54z oil loaded and ullage at load port.

Short, crisp and full of value. Sometimes it is difficult to understand which one to use and why.

vcf table 54a

Additionally, it states Measurement Canada’s policy regarding the use of standard densities and actual product densities. This file can be opened by Microsoft Excel, and can be used to import the data from the ullage report into an excel spreadsheet.

Irrespective of the reasons, vessel is not concerned about how much cargo shore received. The tutorials part 4 for the Android version of Cargo Surveyor deals with the Bunker report. This does not cover used unprocessed vegetable oils 544a animal fats.


If you export an ullage report to csv, and wish to transfer the report to another phone where you also have Cargo Surveyor installed, all you have to do is copy the csv file to the other phone, and import tablf file into Cargo Surveyor on the other phone. This grade name is tablle, you can enter any name you wish, as long as you ensure that this grade name is exactly the same for each tank carrying this grade, because the calculation of totals per grade is dependent on the grade name.

Mass should remain the same whether it is in vacuum or air?

Vcf table 54a

Today we will discuss part 11 of the tutorials, which deals with the time sheet. Blog on same topic Blog you cannot miss! Download in the App Store. How to convert weight in Vacuum to weight in Air? Let us say cargo surveyor provided the density at 15 deg C as 0.