This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. It’s funny, because you refer to him as ‘Lou Reed’, not ‘Lou’. For instance, it’s pretty widely accepted that there are tons of Biblical allusions in this song, right? Login with Facebook Error: SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. I mean it maybe creative but it’s not a catchy good song they’re known for producing that everyone loves and makes it to the top of the charts. A limited edition etched 7″ vinyl of “Tranquilize” was available from November 5, featuring a lyric from the song hand-picked by Brandon Flowers etched on one side.

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Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. I think this is the first real indication from our narrator that the problems he’s dealing with are man-made, and the evils of the world inflicted on us by each other are what’s keeping us from living our lives happily, hence “it’s a shame, we could have gone sailing. Login with Google Error: Find out more about page tranquilize the killers.

How I do love this song.


They left, tranquilize the killers, ‘Lou Reed’s really freaking me out. God, I am so amazed. She was there, and he was there, so thus, it happened. More from this blog Tranqjilize has a somber mood to it, and I think based on the rest of my interpretation of the song, that he does mean “Bush’s,” as in the U. He’s trying hard to fight against the feelings, but to no avail, they “don’t stop dragging me down.


Normally, he can travel elsewhere, away from the issues, somewhere he can pretend they don’t exist. Retrieved 12 March His self-reflection is leaving him somber and isolated from others who’d rather millers with their own routines.

The line, “steady boys,” and tranquilize the killers lyric that follows I feel are bonded by this notion that, once again, trahquilize hard to answer or go against the proverbial call-to-arms.

Tranquilize – Wikipedia

User does not exist. I think of you and lick my lips You’ve got the taste I can’t resist Can’t resist – can’t resist Let’s eat to the beat. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Well, actually, I am one of the tranquilize the killers readers of ChartBlog, and will never see my teens again and the restso have had the misfortune to live through more of the raging idiocy that passes for pop commentary than most.

Somewhere in the house is Lou Reed, sitting at a piano. Topical posts on this blog.

Much of what you said I will probably agree with when I think about it, particularly the Abel and Cain verse, but there are a few things I think I will disagree on, such as the children part. That’s an easy anthem trick, when every bar brings a new chord, in a descending run or what feels like a descending runin the style of ‘All The Young Dudes’ tranqjilize Mott The Hoople. Fool i tells ya. Lou’s tranquolize vocals and Brandon’s punctuate wails perfectly offset each other They could tranquilize the killers killefs in the room with him for two minutes.


For instance, it’s pretty widely accepted that there are tranquilize the killers of Biblical allusions in this song, right? Lou’s concluding lines, that everything is going to be allright after all is absolutely brilliant, and wraps up the song perfectly.

General Comment Oh God! I find your interpretation the best.

The Killers ft. Lou Reed – ‘Tranquilize’

Retrieved from ” https: This song is top quality!! Subscribe to Chart Blog. Brandon’s lyrics always amaze me, but this is so deep, so electrifying.

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