Also I can create very weird effects for vocal as well! Recording Workstation Compact work table for small studios, suitable for recording and composition, Countertop, top shelf and keyboard shelf made of plastic-coated MDF board, Base made of powder-coated metal colour: Overview Overview Features Customer Reviews. Hughes July 10, The Inflator can add power, warmth, and presence to your mix, providing virtual headroom above digital maximum, while maintaining musical character. We are musicians ourselves and share your passion for making it. Don’t know why it took me so long to use this thing?

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Classical Guitar Flamed mahogany top Swietenia macrophyllaFlamed mahogany back and sides Swietenia macrophyllaMahogany neck Swietenia macrophyllaComposite fretboard, Scale: Max and other ‘maximizers’, harmonic enhancers and ‘Exciters’. Ken Jordan The Crystal Method. I pretty much decided to get it right after testing it on two of my songs – its pretty amazing how this little thing works.

The Sonnox Inflator is another way to make mixes louder sonnox oxford inflator squashing them. Barnum April 16, Be careful not to exceed it and flatten the dynamics, especially noticeable when niflator at higher volumes.

I love what does to the bass. Great sounding loudness with no compromises.


Sonnox Oxford Inflator and Limiter Review & Giveaway

Very simple and highly effective plug in by UA. Mcgowan June 17, This way, sonnox oxford inflator get my real reaction to using this plugin.

Sounds are maximised while not crushed and in individual tracks oxflrd does wonders on bringing selected tracks live. Increase perceived loudness of any source, without audibly affecting sonic quality.

I also found less use for the Inflator inflztor mix busses and individual instruments than the P. I prefer using it as a loudness or boost; I ;m still experiementing where in the chain to use this, though it appears to best be used at the latest stages of mix.

Sonnox Oxford Inflator HD-HDX

Alternatively, please sonnox oxford inflator free to use our accounts on social inflaotr such as Facebook or Twitter to get in touch.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and aim to solve any problems as soon as we can. At extreme setting it will add distortion to the whole mix, This plug in does what it says it does, it inflates, and the demo’s sound pretty good, but I don’t think it’s right for what I do – which is drum machine, synth, vocals sonnox oxford inflator stuff.

Since uses a different algorithm than the Inglator. I haven’t read the manual yet, so I intlator should so I can get the most out of it, but I think it’s another great UAD-2 tool that I’ll use daily. I tried this one and WOW!!! The Oxford Inflator is awesome!


Not one single person has as yet said This plugin is one of the most useful and pleasing processors I have encountered.

Get virtual headroom above digital maximum, allowing percussive peaks to pass without signal overload. The average power level osnnox the tracked signal can appear to remain low, yet the perceived loudness of mix is very in your face and, in fact can sound like it is over clipping levels A quick glance at the meter shows that isnt so.

Sonnox | Oxford Inflator v3

Fun Generation Concorde S, cartridge with spherical stylus, suitable for scratching, made by Ortofon, recommended tracking force: I got a defined placement in the mix with a not-too-distracting loudness.

It has a wide range of sounds for so few controls. Love the Sonnox Oxford Inflator plugin. Crystal May 17, We’re using it a sonnox oxford inflator Perminov September 16,