SampleWiz is a wiz if ever there was! Cons Spoken samples are gimmicky. Doesn’t run first or second-generation iPod touch, original iPhone or iPhone 3G. SampleWiz is no toy, offering all manner of professional sampling features, yet it provides the same immediate joy as those old machines. So, Sampler is probably your closest bet.

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Others will allow multi-samples and even multi-layered samples, to be mapped out on a keyboard. Could you try a re-install?

I have more features in mind but they can wait until a bit later, I suppose. Sampleiz improvements for iOS 7. Samplewiz app the question mark to activate. SampleWiz is a Universal iOS application.

Now it crashes all the time when it loads. Link disabled to help prevent spam. If there are any problems with SampleWiz, we want to know about them as quickly as possible so we can start working on a fix.


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Developer Website App Support. Samplr should do the trick: There are so many options available other then SampleWiz for playing back samples though. March edited March in General App Discussion. Listen… Record… Create… Jordan says: I was hoping to reproduce it more often, but at least I got samplewiz app crash log out of it to work with.

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A glow tracks your fingers and ssmplewiz to the amount of amplitude of every note you play. Opens for a second and then crashes. Is there a similar app that I samplewiz app get that will allow me to use Audiocopy Paste to import a. Works fine with the above setting on my iPad 3 and iPad Mini 2. Capture your sonic universe!

SampleWiz – Support

I didn’t think it would. I mean, we are both using the same exact hardware and software here well I’m on 7. Sampling comes in three flavours: Its ok for putting in words and playing wacky sounds.


The closest thing you’ll find samplewix Samplr, samplewiz app excels at mangling sounds as well as playing them.

For his follow-up, he’s encapsulated the fun of sampling in a slick, easy-to-use iOS app: Toggle navigation Audiobus Forum. Uninstall and re-install again.

Is there another app like SampleWiz?

This will correct the problem. SampleWiz is a wiz if ever there was! Audiojunkiehoping to get it out in time for AB2’s release Please please update or release a newer build would pay again for it. Uninstalled and re-installed SampleWiz. I don’t think the developer samplewiz app going to update the app at this point. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Beatmaker 2 can do what the OP’s asking for.