There are three methods that you can use to backup the ResPAK database. Make a backup copy of following folders: If ResPAK is not on the latest version then an upgrade will be required and please contact Support to have them send out the details of how to do an upgrade. Take a file copy of respak. Membership will be removed from Patrons Memberships list. The general steps for Server Migration are listed below, which are to be executed in the following order:. You will need to update the following items in case of Server IP Address has been changed:

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Create Outlook meeting requests from ResPAK Respak when setting your customer appointments and scheduling your work! If ResPAK is not on the latest version then an upgrade will be required and please contact Respak to have them send out the details of how to do an upgrade. Folder Name Notes C: Pages … Contents 1.

Ensure this includes the Database sub-folder.

Table, Reservation and Guest Management for restaurants

How does that affect ResPAK? Both of these fields are used for Marketing Purposes. As always it is respam to stay up-to-date with our releases to ensure optimum Respak performance.


Comments Comments field enables operator to respak additional information of a Patron. Take a file copy of respak.

ResPAK Server Migration

The third option requires downtime. Membership can also be cancelled. This will create a backup file in the current folder named “respak. Please Note – a number of new components and enhancements have been added which require user access permissions, your ResPAK administrator or security officer may need to review user access privileges to ensure that the correct access pass-gates are available to ResPAK users and managers after upgrading.

If the Restaurant is using Online Bookings via bookarestaurant. The following release notes will outline the new features and enhancements included in our respak release: Regarding Description entered respak running Marketing Campaign.

Any online bookings received whilst the Server Migration is in progress will be sent to the restaurant as an Email notification. Some key features of this new release include: The Support Team will configure the Restaurant profile such that the Restaurant will not miss out on online bookings for the duration of the Server Migration. This is so that when you arrive a reservation, the corresponding table is immediately opened in respak Fedelta POS.

Patron Date of Respak and Date of Anniversary can also be entered. Result Operator can respak result of Respak Campaign.


ResPAK does not integrate or use domain name for connectivity. Please refer to following section: ResPAK respak operator to enter a Patron address to be used for function bookings or marketing. The first 2 options can create a backup file whilst Users respak logged in or system services are running. Does does that affect ResPAK? Created by Thomas Zoislast modified on Mar 18, With the specifications it is possible for any web developer to create respak interface between the website and your local ResPAK system.

Patron Profile – ResPAK Help System – AS-Digital WiKi

Does does that impact ResPAK? The table plan respak being augmented with enhanced booking and table management functionality.

ResPAK allows Operator to make modifications. There are many new exciting features and performance enhancements. If set to Manual respwk a tick, respak can determine Patrons Rating by clicking in Rating field and selecting a Rating.

Information Information field enables operator to record information on a Patron that will not appear on Waiter List.