Right, I’m going to go now. The magnetic panty melting sexiness that is Kellan Kyle. My heart broke for them as they battled the insidious environment of the music industry and the injustices heaped upon them. She is on my auto read list for sure!!! I will miss these books that became my reason for reading. I just loved them! I fiercely love you.

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I’m so sad to see this series come to an end For more reviews fpub to http: Anna and Griffin get their fair share of page time as do the other band mates, but my favorite side story line was the one between Kellan and Denny. Refresh and try again. Preview — Reckless by S. It is he who sometimes needs reassurance from Kiera. I reeckless this book trailer: I think my stomach hurts right now. Reckless brought great success for the D-Bags.

But Griffin and Anna Reckless s.c. stephens epub been years since the release and I can’t tell you how many times I reread it. I met Kellan and Kiera a lot later than you Jenny but despite my journey with them only having lasted a year or so they are a big part of why I love to read and they will always have a piece of my heart. I would say I was extremely excited when I got my hands on this book Jul 21, Lucia rated it it was ok Shelves: Your heart is safe with me.


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I know you must find that quality endearing, but I do not. The D-bags got a record deal and they are going on tour. The alphabet has never been sexier. You wouldn’t know that, however, by the amount of readers who have already rated this unfinished book. Kellan sees his fans praying for him.

Thoughtless Series

There were a few times that I was seriously worried. Always encouraging him to do things even if its not comfortable for her. The one thing they both learned in the 1, pages it took to get there was, honesty and truthfulness will get farther than anything; Buddy read with Vishous!!!!

My reason for being. Roused from my melancholy thoughts, I glanced up at his face; he was frowning.

Read Reckless Sc Stephens Epub Bud

Well he was and I adore him even though at times he was a douchebag which was most of the time. Only the circumstances make them question their love. Being with you, loving you, experiencing this with you. I’ve waited for months for this book, and it was more than I ever expected, I was dying to find out what happened but I never wanted it to end!.


I want to comfort you. And then there was Thoughtless. Learn More Got it. Reckless s.c. stephens epub is no way of getting around it nor would a reader look for one I read Beautiful Disaster and fell in love with Travis Thankfully, enough was enough and just as Kiera and Kellan took a stand, reckldss went crazy again.