Purchasers of builds 1. Fixed bug for sliding Impact objects in Interactive Demolition System simulation. So You dont need to define it every time when launching the scene or launching RayFire Tool. This property interactive for PhysX dynamic simulation. Various Fixes and Speed improvements.

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Useful for simple quick simulations. Objects less than defined value will not be added in simulation. RayFire Educational Educational license provides access to all released features. Various Fixes and Speed improvements. Ability to use biped as unyileding object in reactor simulation. raufire

Ragfire fragmentation seed You can fragment object every time with the same pattern. Fixed bug for Demolition Depth Ration feature. Now it doesn’t cache images to shapes.

This significantly reduces fragments disappearing. Automatically defined Bomb object: If for some reason ProBooelan cannot fragment object try to use ProCutter. Changelog RayFire Tool 1.


RayFire Asperity modifier allows you to add 1.0 rayfire 1.60 simple fragments. Fixed bug with demolitions of objects inside group. Allows to use Shapes as stensil to fragment objects.

Also in this rollout added: Fixed bug for sliding Impact rayfore in Interactive Demolition System rayfire 1.60. In this way you can deactivate only objects you need, not only static or animated Impact objects. Ability to choose which method ProBoolean or ProCutter use for fragmention.

New Time Scale property for dynamic simulation. Will be added back later.

RayFire 1.60 plugin for 3ds Max 2009 – 2013 released

rahfire Image tracing to fragments. The system supports both photographic and procedural textures, and there are a range of control options — but as the video shows, you get great rayfire 1.60 essentially by slapping a stock image onto a model and shattering it. Fixed bug with big Really big object fragmentation.

RayFire license is Perpetual and provides one year of Support and Maintenance which includes all new releases for Free. Animated 3D Cracks inside refractive object.


Transparent Material property rayfire 1.60 Material Presets. All rollouts logically separated ryafire each other.

CGTalk | RayFire for 3ds Max – released.

aryfire Allows you 16.0 create simulation by manually dragging timeslider. Fixed bug causing Max freezing and crashing. RayFire Upgrade Upgrade provides access to latest build and one year of support and maintenance. Iterations defines amount of radial circles, Detalization defines their detalization.

Send to Sleeping list button if Dynamic objects menu. Now You can activate Deactivated Impact rayfire 1.60 using animated texture. RayFire Trace enables you to use a texture map to control how an object breaks.