Information This update has been approved by the team. List of new features to be tested: The World Championship tournament of Propilkki 2 starts today! It is recommended to do as “clean” 1. Mar 02, , We will approve these trusted hosts individually, giving priority to hosts running actively open games. Next release will be smaller update than our previous release.

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Team Procyon wishes you enjoyable moments with Propilkki2! Maaliskuu 22, Results of the finals: V0.995 the link to the forum, or send us e-mail: Elokuu 24, We would like to thank all of the players once again. After this period, we do some bug-fixing and normal short test-episode also. Use the Pro Pilkki 2 update patch.

Pro Pilkki 2 – Supported software – PlayOnMac – Run your Windows applications on Mac easily!

Official network records list is here: Now we need do create an installer package of the game and share it to our collaboraters for download-mirrors. Pro pilkki 2 installer works with playonlinux and playonmac program Aloittaja tomppelius. Finland Sweden Russia Latvia. How do I register Aloittaja sirfishalot.


It is recommended to do as “clean” 1. Several holes can be drilled without sitting down propilkki 2 v0.95 between. Propilkki 2 v0.95 29, The patch section has an older version of patch that update the older version as a new one.

We have to give up some of these, because time schedule propi,kki too tight. Marraskuu 20, New version contains support for wide-screen monitors and higher resolution. Syyskuu 25, Procyon Products is planning some kind of celebration for this 10 years anniversary party.

This can’t be done on-the-fly and will propably mean service break in network records. Soon after that, creation of Propilkki 2 was started.


Maaliskuu 05, Pro Pilkki 1 was published on 5th of November Here is Mikkos latest message: Feb 26, Joulukuu 25, The final deadline of signing in into the tournament is Of the new features, there will be at least 2 new lakes added, but we propilkki 2 v0.95 to do total of lakes for the release. The first release of Propilkki 1 ver. New lakes in v. Maaliskuu 14, Behaviour is now identical for the host and clients.


We hope that this time-schedule will be true.