You are logged in as. Will i have to format my usb drive to remove it? Flash desinfector has been out since ages, but has never improve by putting another file than autorun. Please be so kind as to reply. I’ll have our support people contact you. Are you then able to vaccinate it? Anyway the reasonable thing would be to offer two download links:

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Thanks for a great product! I tried to delete my files from my usb drives from other pc and it works fine!!! Many thanks for the feedback and suggestions received so far. Modern anti-malware products incorporate many protection technologies panca some people like you seem to think that AV is stuck since 15 years ago where there were only static signatures.

Just to let everybody like me know. Thanks for the panra. Lol, i just plug my usb drive at an internet cafe near my house, and pand computer repeatedly tell me that he cant write autorun. Flaming or offending other users.


Muito bom, baixei, instalei e ja estou usando. We recently released version 1. You should have a look at this. Also can you please add functionality to prevent access to files other than autorun.

Is there a way to keep vaccination even running other o. Well my usb pen is not shown maybe it does work without admin rights? Products What can children learn through computers? If I format the stick then the files reappear when you refresh, your usb vaccine says the stick is vaccinated and does not pick up panda usb vaccine autorun.

The only thing I was able to do was quarantine the folder chiCkie.

Panda USB Vaccine

Is it safe to use it with mp3 players? Summary Overall it’s free, quick, and does what it says. I really prefer the standalone one. Is there a particular reason for this?? Good protection and it is FREE! Its stay in task bar. Doesn’t do bad on any usb. How does it 1.0.1. the autorun. Pros suitable for novice and panda usb vaccine Cons I use it since months it’s ok and no cons Summary useful, easy, fast, small Reply to this review Was this review helpful?


Your email address will not be published. I was hit by chiKie. All, Many thanks for the feedback and suggestions received so far.

Download Panda USB Vaccine

We will continue offer some free products, you vvaccine not have to worry about it. Otherwise please get in touch with them and let panda usb vaccine know if it’s been fixed. The program has the benefit of disabling autorun on your computer and your flash drives.

Download and installation help. Just to be sure, you should perform a scan in your USB drive. Overall, it’s a very simple and useful utility that doesn’t take up much of your time.