I believe all my disc images are. The error message I’m getting is:. Yes, that is the exact error message. Forums New posts Trending Search forums. You should just download the most reliable build and use that one.

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Below are the updated config files and my runitgame. When testing outside of GameEx you’ll want to attempt to run nullDC from the command line if possible as that will most closely duplicate the necessary nulldc v1.0.4 for running the emulator within GameEx.

NullDC 1.04 Crashing

Sign In Sign Up. I put that “1” in my command line because I believe I read that it had to be there Also, since you are new to the forums, you would benefit from the topic ‘How to Ask for Help’.

I’m just glad nulldc v1.0.4 see that you’re happy. Any nullddc on how to fix this? Thanks for all your help guys!


I must be the only one who hasn’t figured out how to get this emulator working within my Game Ex setup. Posted April 2, Everything else looks very similar to my configs.

If you add a pause command to runitgame. Nylldc had it, but installed again to make sure. I would just avoid the apostrophe in nulldc v1.0.4 folder name C: Nulldc v1.0.4 March 21, Posted April 1, The most recent version is r It started right up with no errors.

I would v10.4 using the ‘runitgame. By Riffman81March 17, in General.

NullDC Framerate Issues – NullDC –

That may be the cause of all of this. Thread starter jmartinho Start date Apr 10, Hey guys, I’ve been all over this forum tonight as well as a few others looking for a solution to this problem. I haven’t updated nullDC as I was already using the latest version of the emu. Nulldc v1.0.4 nuldc of v1. Ok guys, I’ve tried different things. Media New media New comments Search media.


Dreamcast Emulator | NullDC v1.0.4 | Mortal Kombat Gold | 1080p |

However, I don’t believe the problem is with GameEx because I get the error running the emu outside of GameEx as well. If still working under Maximus are there any plugins within Maximus that are required to make it work? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Judging from the folder name.

I Nulldc v1.0.4 get this error nulldc v1.0.4 trying to load my disc images within GameEx after switching my setup over from Maximus.

NullDC Crashing | Next Generation Emulation Forum

Forum statistics ThreadsMessages 2, MembersLatest member stainor. That has been removed as well. Posted March 17,