This series just disappointed me An invoice will be sent covering the extra cost. The story of twin sisters, who don’t know of each others existence. Never did understand the title, gets a reference during the drama. Eric confirmed to come back with “Beautiful Spy” with Han Ye-seul.

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Anyway, while I agree HYS was unprofessional in her handling of the matter, I really don’t see how it has anything to do with the writing being all over the place. Thank GOD its over!!! And I can’t agree with you more on your final comments on this drama because they seem to be a reflection of my thoughts on this drama from the beginning. The first three or so episodes had that refreshing quirkiness that was different from a lot of other romcoms, with a bit of a dark edge to its humor.

One point for the princess. It was like they took the script pages, threw them in the air and let them land randomly Oh god if anyone myung wol the spy eng sub give a good explanation for this, Then i think the ending will be indeed good.

Though my reaction to the end was LOL Love all of these comments — gave me so many laughs on this bumpy ride! Hee-bok pretends to faint at the news, and wonders if he should just turn them in for the reward money, since no one suspects him. What I was curious about was HOW they were going to tie up all the high-stakes loose ends and earn their well-deserved peace. Why did it have to be that long? Not sure who will play the 2nd female lead, there gotta be a 2nd female lead right?!!


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No connection, I assume? In between, they were getting lousy and boring. And although I can’t vouch for that drama because I skipped episodes here and there, I think any fan of his would be happy to watch it and root for him to get the girl.

If the script sucks, she still has to act it out. Tell him to wait! Thank you ladies for hanging in there when you could’ve dropped the recaps for this show many ah-episode ago. She attends a jewelry showcase with him, raising In Ah’s ire. That would be very funny!

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Episode 10 Full Myung wol the spy eng sub S 1: I can’t understand Korean, so I appreciated the translation. The last few episodes were very melodramatic, which gave me a sense of what K-dramas are all about, but I didn’t care.


After the show went awry I was contemplating booking a flight to Korea and physically pounding the PD and Screenwriter to pulps and taking there jobs by force but this episode has me just wanting to write a letter of complaint. Eric is playing the Hallyu actor? I watched the whole drama for them! I absolutely loved the first half despite its lacking and more serious second half.

Spy Myung Wol

Birthday Girl September 8, at 1: Posted May 28, I will show you who Hallyu star Kang Woo is”. More information at returns. Vagabond releases first action-packed teaser trailer.

She wished her characted showed more of the quirky sides, too I truly respect them for it. We’ll take a look and remove the review if it doesn’t follow our guidelines. He pulled it wool.