This could be done by switching to the GNU getopt package. This list is a work in progress, and may not be immediately useful to general users, other than to indicate those commands that we have at least contemplated implementing. I downloaded latex2rtf from http: See also the -S option. The last version release by Georg is 1. Sun has decided to support the XPG4 standard on Solaris by an alternative set of binaries.

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When this option is omitted, the auxfile is assumed to be the same as inputfile with the.

Ubuntu Manpage: latex2rtf – Convert a LaTeX file to an RTF file

Concept IndexLatex2rtf Bitmap conversion requires a working latex2png script. They created a simple LaTeX parser and added most of the infrastructure for the program. It would latex2rtf useful to implement the GNU long option names, e.

Language SupportUp: German Quotes, German Umlauts by “aetc The means that on the system where the.

latex2rtf: man page

Letter CommandsUp: There is no latexx2rtf feature in RTF. All the files in the test directory are converted with varying degrees of success using LaTeX2RTF and are tested before most CVS check-ins and with all released tarballs. The format latex2rtf of lines with a LaTeX command with backslash followed latex2rtf comma.


These filese are documented latex2rtf the next four sections. With options -E8 and -E12, pdf and ps graphics as well as tikz graphics are converted to eps latex2rtf the eps filenames inserted in the document text. Some functions in the EQ fields have two or more parameters latex2rtf a separator between each two.

Another way is to use the option -t2 to make latex render them as bitmaps and insert the bitmaps into the RTF file. Make sure you use the correct font name.

latex2rtf: man page

These packages have many, many options lateex2rtf you latex2rtf encounter problems with formatting in special cases. Natbib CommandsPrevious: German CommandsUp: If there is a logfile specified latex2rtf output goes to this file.

French CommandsUp: The default is 1 Warnings and Errors only. If you use the command line option, you can also predefine the output filename like in Pandocas well as other options.

latex2rtf (1) – Linux Man Pages

See Reporting Bugsfor information on how to reach the maintainer. Latex2rtf CommandUp: This is Part 2 in the continuing saga.


You must provide both files. Currently, the only ltaex2rtf from the setspace package that is implemented, and the only way to modify line spacing. To allow bitmap conversion of equations, two things are needed. Note that this will check the basic functionality of the latex2rtf script, and then latex2rtf of latex2rtf.

The text and much of the formatting information is translated latex2rtf RTF. Missing optionsPrevious: The scripts folder latex2rtf not used, the scripts are always taken from the search path, therefore the lafex2rtf containing latex2rtf scripts and the helper programs must be the first in the search path.

Latex2rtff has no effect unless EQ fields are being generated. HyperLatex CommandsUp: Be forewarned that the typeset output is not nearly as good as what you would get from using LaTeX directly.