His appearance in Zenith saw him disabled during battle, eventually dying from blood loss. On second thoughts, may be Phantom is not a good choice, as many stories were already published in Rani comics. He has sent me many more scans as well, which I’ll be using in the furture posts. Talking about the forthcoming issues announcement, I have noticed that many times, the announced story was changed at the last minute whatever it means!!! After the first three serials, Bulmer left the title, and was replaced by Tom Tully.

irumbu kai mayavi comics

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Recent announcement about taking subscription for CC should appeal to those who hate to visit the shops frequently. Steel Claw was published in Finland in the early s, firstly in a series of orumbu pocket booksand then as part of the “Sarjakuvalehti”, which had three or four different stories each month.

This was followed by his appearance in AD Actionwhere Crandell was portrayed as a burnt out government assassin. For more about the Fleetway Muthu link visit here. Kal Nenjan Spider Irumbukkai Maayavi 6. Retrieved from ” https: I am going to start recommending it to people I know interested in world comics. I am eagerly waiting for ur reply. I will also place a link on my indopakbangcomics.


Each issue of CC has two stories, exceptions are issue 9 only one story10 three stories and 18 three stroies.

Comics !!!!!: Irumbu kai Mayavi

I wonder what is the matter with comics classics covers. And finally here is the list and the cover scans!!!! CID Lawrence not so good anyway 5.

Later the stories were printed in several magazines all over the country until late ’80s. This was followed by a one-off special featuring The Steel Clawamongst other s characters, which was created by various AD creators of the time. Thanga Viral Marmam one of my favorite 8.

irumbu kai mayavi comics

Also, the front and back covers of the original Manjal poo marmam, and beirutil johnny were fabulous. I guess the reason for the bad quality print is that the original blocks can no longer be used as they are too soiled and the actual books from Muthu were used for printing the CC.

காமிக்ஸ் பற்றிய ஒரு அலசல்!

Saturday, October 15, However I guess CC project would not be shelved any time soon. Iyanthirathalai Manithargal One of Editor’s top 10 Or is it OK kaj maintain as it is?

Allow me to congratulate you on putting together a wonderful site!

irumbu kai mayavi comics

I am wondering if I request the editor to print these as a special order since he must now have all the basic things still available, if he will oblige.


Buster Cheeky Weekly Cor!!

Some of them are amazing like Nadunisikkalvan, and Johnny in Japan, and some like Marmatheevil Mayavi and Micro Alaivarisai are disappointing. Take a look at a page from this gem. However, the mahavi which were published in Kobra were partly incomplete, switching between stories unpredictably.

Hats off again to Muthufan for his wonderful script about Lucky Luke. I know about you and your information about our Comics Issues. I would like to collect the comics books again.

The Steel Claw (comics)

Hopefully the fourth CC for the year is released before Dec making it an ideal year for CC. In some comics Mahesh is invisible except for his iron helmet, a direct influence from the Steel Claw series. A big thanks Dr Sathish!!! However the pocket size decision is a welcome one, as it is easy to handle and definitely value for money.