After that the band started practicing a lot. The album was released on 18 April In Hladno pivo was awarded with the Porin music award for best alternative rock album. This year was also important because Zok, Tedi, Suba and Mile recorded their first demo. On 20 September they performed in front of 20, people on the band’s 20th birthday in Zagreb. Retrieved 27 May

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The demo consisted of six songs: Some informed sources claim that none of the former members of Hladno pivo had not left the group, i. Retrieved 10 September From Prljatelji, the free encyclopedia. In Suba had to robri his military service and was temporary replaced with Matko from MakarskaCroatia.

It hladno pivo dobri prijatelji released in by Menart Records. The result were songs: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In band has also held an unsuccessful concert at lake Jarun in Zagrebdue to the drummer of the band which played before them refusing to leave the drums for Hladno pivo.


This year was also important because Zok, Tedi, Suba and Mile recorded their first demo. This album is the prijateljl release of an Hladno pivo live performance. Hladno pivo dobri prijatelji rock groups Croatian rock music groups Musical groups established in Croatian punk rock groups Musicians from Zagreb. In Stipe left the band to form Falschspieler. November Learn how and when to hladn this template message.

It was released in When they returned from military service in they started playing again. The band was formed in in ZagrebCroatia. Slobodna Dalmacija in Croatian.

Hladno Pivo song lyrics

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hladno pivo. The same year A. Views Read Edit View history. After that the band started practicing a lot.

Denyken in SopotZagreb. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Hladno pivo – Dobri prijatelji

Croatia Records Dancing Bear Menart. These songs were recorded in at Denis a. Retrieved 27 May The result of the collaboration was the T. In March the band chose Jabukaton as their recording studio and recorded their third album Desetka. The recording act, fronted by Mile Kekin, remains one of the most popular rock bands in Croatia. This allowed the band to be introduced to whole of Croatia. The World of Glamour is the seventh studio album by the Croatian punk rock band Hladno pivo.


This music video was broadcast as a part of a television music show hladno pivo dobri prijatelji Hit-depo in April On May 21, the band held their first concert in Kumrovec. Retrieved 9 September One week later, Mile and Zok were sent to do their military service.

The concert was held in ZagrebCroatia.