Your doom awaits you Cast down, defeated, never to rise. Confide in no one Confide in nothing. That you’ve been called out. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Said so many things that I wish I could retract I’ve got my issues, I’ve got my demons Finished what I began and finally saw. You make me fight harder.

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Your lies will be heard for the last time. Put my work in when everyone quit.

How many battles can you lose in one day? It’s sad you made me this way.

I see where my decisions have brought me What’s done is done and it’s time to start again Can’t let it tear me in two waste me away I gotta believe Cause this is now How can I change tomorrow if I can’t change today. How will you ever heal If you’ve lost the ability to feel? Hear my voice of contention. But within these enclaves — especially hardcore — the musicians can become mouthpieces for the mob, their songs vessels for carrying a collective meaning.

Every drop of blood Every bitter tear Every bead of sweat I live for this 5. My life, my body, my pride.


Hatebreed – The Rise Of Brutality |

A fearless approach to oppression. I have so much more to fight for. For the true hatebreed the rise of brutality remained and the new blood. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Contrary to popular belief, I do like some hardcore, but it has to challenge me while I listen risd it. The Rise of Brutality is the third studio album by American metalcore band Hatebreed. The bonus track “Bound to Violence” appeared on The Punisher film soundtrack.

What will it take Choose or chosen What will it take Choose, choose What will it take Choose, choose Choose or be chosen Choose or Be Chosen. All I see is killing Another day, another vendetta There is so much suffering Another day, another vendetta I see the homeless standing out on the streets On every corner, they’re asking for money I try to help them whenever I can but sometimes I can’t afford to help myself. What will it take Choose or chosen Its all that we ask, for what we demand.

Voice of Contention Hatebreed. Give me something real Give hatebreed the rise of brutality back those years Give me peace of mind Give me something brutaliyt Your life is a fantasy. To rid ourselves of the parasites.


The Rise of Brutality

Their song “Live for This” was nominated for a Grammy award in Confide In No One Your hate, it drives me. Who is the source of all your pain And how do you ever plan to be unrestrained?

Another Day, Another Vendetta. Hatebreed is often imitated, as they are one of the originators of this wave of hardcore, but the problem lies that instead of challenging the bands that copy them and re-invent their sound [or at least try to spice it up a little], the group is content cranking out the same ol’, same ol’.

I live for this. Cause this is now How can I change tomorrow if I can’t change today.

Facing What Consumes You Facing what consumes you is the only way to be free. Views Read Edit View history.