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Kira triggered his Super Coordinator ability to bash him like that. Mostly a I’m neutral in romantic anime when I did see, so does even Vampire Knight when I witness Yuuki fall in love someone as Kuran Kaname however actually in manga Kaname was Yuuki’s only older brother even the series screwed up and I thought she together with Kiryuu Zero due in second season. Plus their hair colors look sweet together blue and pink: From what I see, Kira is yet to be totally in love with Lacus, as he still has Flay on his mind. Or is it just me?

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Now, if they had went with that idea, had Flay end up being captured like the series went, actually get to KNOW more about the Coordinators hell, I see a bunch of fanfic shipping gyndam her and Yzak using her time captured as a basis and actually manage to let go of her bigotry by seeing they’re not all the evil monsters she was brought up to believe, be let go by Rau with the N-Jammer Canceler data and such like the series lavus, and actually have time to reunite with Kira and have time spent between them to reconcile and all, and finally perhaps having her go out without permission and sacrifice herself to save Kira from a fatal blow by Rau.

And the only “remakes” there are or will probably ever be are the Special Edition movies that came out pretty much right after. Which I don’t really get, because she kisses him for the first time, then kirq it leads to sex It was Flay that controlled him and made him like that, didn’t she?

Oh and about Athrun and Lacus, I think that their relationship was more of a brotherly-sister love. Thought this is my own thought and I’m not pushing anyone with my ideas but that’s what I think and I will respect anyones thought and hope that you respect mine, so if you have red this comment of mine till the end thank for respecting my thoughts. By continuing to browse serd site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. In Kidou Senshi Gundam, kirw Amuro was just admire only towards a complete stranger as Lalah Sune mostly I knew series very well long lacis ago so does I’m used to be former King of the Games from my young days playing Gundam Games around.


Kira, are you actually a horny boy underneath the innocent facade? And as far as I know about the remastered versions, there’s really nothing major. Remember the scene where Meer and Lacus finally met? Kira didn’t shoot a damn person, including that Lady who almost killed Lacus, but killed Meer.

It’s always Lacus who initiates affection. So for GS, he was all emotional and gnudam love Fllay! Tags Tags Forum Members Groups. Like a goddess sort of. The idea of Flay actually liking Kira in general and truly getting together with him isn’t bad, but the way it was handled in SEED just didn’t really fit right.

And Athrun staring probably IS like a “lost puppy” when you consider that it was usually her that helped guide him and set his priorities straight when he was serd some sort of self-conflicting turmoil which is what lead to him joining Kira and co with the Justice in SEED, his leaving ZAFT and re-joining with the Infinite Justice in SEED Destiny and such. The showing of the actual problems of the relationship Flay using Kira for her own bigoted revenge and trying to rebound with Sai after Kira’s “death” was a good start and, if done right, could’ve lead to a great relationship in the end, but they flubbed it completely with having very little time to reunite before Flay’s death.

Not even holding hands or kissing her like Athrun romantically does for Cagalli, even proposingwhile he’s had done the deed with Fllay. That was the most romantic thing he did. They only had a arranged marriage to gunndam with and even if Athrun did give her Gifts haros it could have been a friendly gift or to fulfill their parents wishes. Of course, though she never admitted it, she had to go and end up developing actual feelings for him after the fact and her attempt to get back with Sai, despite everything that happened, showed how much she wanted to deny it and even Sai could see, hence not taking her back.

Lacus kirw ended with Athrun.

Why did Lacus choose Kira over Athrun? (spoilers)

It’s Kora who’s out there kicking butt. And well I do agree if Kira had a little bit of a crush seer Fllay, But I never thought it was Love For me, Kira only cried and tried to save Fllay because they never got the chance to talk to her properly, He blamed himself so much for hurting her Kira told Athrun when Fllay was being captured but the other Archangel ship and not being able to save her from death.


Lacus felt the war had changed Athrun, so that was a factor in their break-up, not just politics that factor was more for the falling out between their fathers.

Athrun was clearly upset that kirra turned out the way it did for he and Lacus that he needed Cagalli for emotional support. It may sound wrong or harsh to those seef disagrees with me but I hope you respect my opinion, and do correct me if I’m wrong and why do you think is that so?

But she did, and I really hated her alot.

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Login Username Password Forgot Password? I’m personally a KiraxLacus fan and I do agree that Kira doesn’t really show any signs of affection towards Lacus, but who do we blame that on?

Plus their hair colors look sweet together blue and pink: In terms of Kira and Fllay, Kira was already completely vulnerable and insecure when Fllay decided to take advantage of him for her own personal vengeance and attempt to use him as a tool for further vengeance on Coordinators, so when Kira was offered that little blanket of security, he snatched it without question and decided to hold on as tight as he could, which Fllay was probably counting on.

Which made him that way in destiny you know the saving kinda person so I wouldn’t really agree on the Kira does not love Lacus thing.

Good examples of solid relationships would be Domon and Rain of G-Gundam and Garrod and Tiffa of Gundam X, both couples went through the emotional hardships and the like as well as starting out as just friends before becoming romantically involved. I’m sure Cagalli’s own feelings were conflicted about Kira and Athrun before she found out about Kira being her kiga.