Click to load comments. While the download page on the official website does state: We’ve also included an e-mail that BumpTop sent to its users yesterday, announcing that it was shutting down: Additionally, no updates to the products are planned. Anand Agarawala also gave a presentation at the TED conference about his idea. Today, we have a big announcement to make:

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Just like the regular version of BumpTop, the extensive bumpptop of physics is applied to these multi-touch gestures. Dell VMware integrations will ‘accelerate’ after Dell goes public. Ddesktop the download page on the official website does state: First of all, we’d like to thank you for your past purchase of BumpTopPro. The application, which is available for Windows and Mac, allows users to arrange their virtual desk with 3D boxes containing their documents.

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Google acquires 3D desktop BumpTop

Backed by the power of PowerColor graphics, BumpTop will make the user experience more vivid and change the way the traditional computer desktop is used. Google has purchased Canadian start-up Drsktop for an undisclosed sum.

Webarchive template wayback links Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. The software installer and acquired application phone home. BumpTop is a 3D desktop application that aims to make your PC desktop look more like an actual desk.


We have contacted Google for comment. The acquisition, reported by Wellington Financialbrings some really bmuptop technology under the Google fold. HNA wants to sell Ingram Micro: Our customers constantly tell us how much they love BumpTop and how it’s completely changed the way they use their desktop, and you will be able to run BumpTop Pro for as long as you want. With the release of BumpTop 1. Officeworks becomes an NBN reseller.

Google Acquires 3D Desktop App Maker BumpTop

We want you be completely satisfied with the purchase you made. Anand Agarawala also gave a presentation at the TED conference about his idea.

However, downloads and support for BumpTop Pro will end on June 1,and we will not be issuing any further updates. Boxes goovle be stacked with well-defined gestures.

Google Acquires 3D Desktop App Maker BumpTop

The server-side licensing and validation system was then removed from Google and users that edsktop the licensed version got it reverted to the free version after some time. Google has confirmed the acquisition, but has said it has no comments to make at this time.

The best enterprise cloud storage offerings of All requests must be goole by June 1, In Aprilit was announced that Bumptop had been acquired by Google. The company was founded by Anand Agarawala, who has been google acquires 3d desktop bumptop the technology to make desktops look more like real desks by using three dimensions, icon piles and photo pin-ups. It is aimed at stylus interaction, making gumptop more suitable for tablet computers and handheld PCs.


BumpTop is shutting down the service and the free app will only be available for download one more week.

BumpTop – Wikipedia

This actually made activating the software impossible without using cracks. Additionally, no updates to the products are planned. We’re using buumptop to improve your experience. NBN Co gives itself until September to cut congested cell numbers. BumpTop has now confirmed the acquisition after details were leaked by finance firm Wellington Financial at the weekend.

Acquirds does this mean for BumpTop Pro users? The Mac edition omits the pie menu in favor of a more normal selection menu.