It works, easy and simple interface, the best controller so far. TDK Potential if you can just make the right stick more smooth and less choppy this would be amazing. All shared password are not revealed. You can find how easy to delete words. DescriptionGeneral purpose mapping tools tailor-made for playinggames. Mobile Controller Helper Apk v. Play all your favourite games with full analogsupport, even those without built-in controller support!

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Does exactly what it says on the tin awesome. Finally,incompatibility mainly come from lacking Sixaxis support fromFirmware, in this case only the device manufacturer can fix theproblem through Firmware update.


No More use the oldfashioned keyboard layout! Markus Birth I can only map either button, toucg not both since they’re modifying the same axis.

ConnectAn2An Remote normally and start using. I’ve tried a couple of other Gamepad to Touchscreen emulation apps, and this one by far was the best one that does what it did out of them all so far. Lazuardi Avicenna Simple to use, all joypad button work here but swipe functions are useless.


Like other emulators this software requires sdcardaccess and lots of resources to run properly. Ican only get my blutooth keybards wsad to work in minecraft which is defualt for minecraft at anyrate. No root tkm activator required! The sticks don’t go outside the circle.

Available in 19 languages across countries andregions. It is good but lacking in a few features. Games that support hardware controllers recognize DroidMote as anhardware controller. This is the client part and can beinstalled on your Android device to control another device.

Flit Keyboard Apk v. Tohch the maybe that’s a blue ime prob but I’m disappointed I gkm touch apk notresponsible for any misuse.

Download GKM Touch Apk ,h-Allfreeapk .

Install and setup An2An Remote2. Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpadusing WiFi Mouse. Anothercommon problem toucy insufficient power provided by the device, inthis case an external powered USB Hub is needed. User definedshortcuts let users input their favor text quickly. Messenger — Text and Video Chat for Free. Anyway, apart of the great program, the support deserves gkm touch apk stars.

GKM Touch Apk

FPS style games get much better cameracontrol by playing with mouse, gkm touch apk true PC gaming experienceon Android. After the controller is enabled youcan use it with games and mapping tools which support nativecontroller. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. It includes virtualtouchscreen pad support, hardware buttons mapping Xperia Play,phones with keyboard or gamepad, external gamepads bluetooth or USBsuch as WiiMote, Sixaxis, XboxMoga, Ipega and analog sticks.


Requirements- An2An Remote Demo 3.

GKM Touch Download APK for Android – Aptoide

Notime wasting on setup. Sixaxis Enabler Apk v.

DescriptionGeneral purpose mapping tools tailor-made for playinggames. Mobile Controller Helper 2. You can use the soft controller or an gkm touch apk to play with all games installed on the server device,also those without the built-in controller support in virtue of theGamepad2Touch functionality and the help of the touch profiles. Games that rely on finger swipes don’t work example frontline 2.