Do you have those Qt hotfixes installed? Maybe that’s a Facebook public API bug or not a bug, but intentional from them to use official apps Jay Montano January 26, 12 Replies. It would be really nice if it was possible somehow to connect links from youtube and spotify with cutetube and qspot. I have noticed that my messages in the app does not update when i delete from the actual site, the deleted messages still show up in the app, is this normal? This is a QT bugs.

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I actually don’t have an idea on launching applications in the debugging mode. Performance Now this is where it lacks a bit. I let it runs for more than 10 minutes. Would it fmobi by jiikoo tricky to put a dynamically sized input field in there? This is then improved when you update your phone to Nokia Belle which is formerly known as Jiioo Belle. Other than that good work. Thanks 1 So you don’t need to log in every time. Still the black screen issue.

I always have to click a few times before it works.


fMobi 2.3 is out! Don’t wait, get it NOW!!

I have gotten the “depends on this and that which wont be installed”-error, although I have all repositories enabled. Then try logging into fMobi again and see if that works. Hi, does fMobi transfer phone numbers from the local phonebook to the facebook account? And there is fmmobi much more!

Jiikoo fMobi v(0) S^3 Anna Belle Signed Retail by Thala | farisyi1 Blog (about SymbianOS9.x)

Ive been using this app for niikoo day now! Still black screen over here. You could follow this Post http: I also posted this on fMobi page and the author was kind enough to reply. Output from xterminal and fmobi screenshot. Installing or using fMobi does not require any special skills. So I may not be of much help.

Jiikoo fMobi 2 50 Symbian 3 Nokia Anna Belle Signed S60v5 Facebook Pro Free Qt App Download

My friends list is not loading at all, someone said to wait longer, but I think 30minutes is enough. Ease of Use When you open the app for the first time it would ask for your log In information email and password. Well Brov, I want you to run the “apt-get install qtcompat” command as root in Xterm again.


Yes Yes finally it started working I fmobi by jiikoo this is important enough to be taken into account. Isn’t it supposed to turn off automatically as soon as I navigate fmobi by jiikoo from the places?? I have only 65 friends!!! This version fixes problems with closing application and it still stays in memory. There is no activity at the network level runnning tcpdump.

Everything that you need is on the beautiful home screen. Such, as denying an event, seeing a picture in fullscreen – No push messages – GPS stays on after closing. There is the button to see the photo larger?

I don’t have qtquickcompact. This app will surely make you use Facebook more. This looks like an interesting albeit heavyweight application, Two questions: It is owned and developed by JiiKoo.