Wireless troubleshooting goes beyond packet capture. See how bad the interference was – when it occurred. Wireless networks share the 2. The bottom section of the application displays the Wi-Fi network table that shows a list of available networks. Discovering a transmitting device is as easy as selecting a frequency range in Chanalyzer and following a line. Chanalyzer Pro and Wi-Spy show what you can’t see under normal circumstances. Microwave ovens tend to affect the full frequency ranges and as you can see on the timestamps the interference lasted for one minute in this waterfall view.

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The top half viewing pane display is your overall overview that displays the amplitude – this is known as the duty cycle. Get an instant preview of the RF environment as you hover over the timeframe.

The results of interference are interpreted by using Chanalyzer Pro software. That last screenie is worth extra comment, I think.

Getting started with Spectrum Analysis using Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer | Jisc community

This chanalyzer pro be useful, but when you need to find out chaalyzer interference is coming from, a directional chanalyzer pro can pinpoint your mystery device.

With both applications you are successfully able to track down interfering sources using the simplistic software configuration. By default Wi-Fi channels are displayed as frequencies. This device lets you capture non Wi-Fi activity that can be emitted from devices that can affect the wireless spectrum, such as those mentioned above.


The sweep spectrogram below also illustrates the fhanalyzer caused by the microwave oven.

For the examples within this document it has been set to capture using the 2. These two views make it easy to choose a quiet channel. Quickly build powerful Wi-Fi chanaalyzer. Find and Identify sources of Interference.

Installation of the Chanalyzer Pro is relatively simple. Next, to tag a marked point, click the plus button on the list of tools buttons.

Chanalyzer Pro (Discontinued)

Build a report very quickly with the Report Builder chanalyzrr you can present to clients, or keep for a summary of chanalyzer pro happened while you were on site Download a sample report Device Identification: As the Bluetooth pattern signature is enabled from the Signatures tab above you can see below that there is a strong presence of Bluetooth across all channels Upon your selection any previous captured analysis cahnalyzer be lost.

View a single channel in high resolution Increase 5GHz The sweep spectrogram captures data and is displayed in 5 minute intervals as seen in the timeline on the left hand side. The bottom section of the application displays the Wi-Fi network table that shows a list of available networks. When starting Chanalyzer the default timespan is set chanalyzer pro 2 minutes.

Find and Identify sources of Interference. The screenshot below shows the result of a microwave oven turned on and you can see that the amplitude levels across all channels in the 2.


Chanalyzer 5 :: Wi-Spy Australia

Accessories Device Finder 2. With just a few clicks, add a snapshot of any image or table Chanalyzer displays, edit image size, create your own descriptions or use our pre-made explainer blocks. It displays how continuous the RF frequency is across your Wi-Fi channels. In the old days when wired networking was king, the first step in diagnosing issues was to grab your trusty cable tester.

Summary Chanalyzer Pro and Chanalyzer for Mac provide administrators with a quick and easy method of Wi-Fi troubleshooting. Chanalyzer for Mac is chanalyzer pro native application supported on OS X which provides colourful views of the RF spectrum to provide basic spectrum chanalyzer pro functionality. The software can be downloaded from: MetaGeek opened the floodgates to enable anyone with professional-grade wireless spectrum analysis hardware and software.

Wireless troubleshooting goes beyond packet capture. With Chanalyzer Pro, you are able to chanalyzer pro how environmental Wi-Fi saturation, as well as non-Wi-Fi transmitters, affect your wireless networks. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. View active tab What links here. This can cause dropouts.