MOS Live version. The album is front-loaded with livelier tracks, featuring a heavy focus on percussion and varied melodies to carry momentum. This collision of genre patterns often works brilliantly. Limited to copies worldwide. Hyperion Emeritus February 28th Comments. Finally, a good review for this album.

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Henrique Palhava – Daniel Rosado. Carbon Based Lifeforms earliest releases were several self-published albums originally issued through the old MP3. That’s a shame, you’re really missing out.

CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS – Listen on Deezer | Music Streaming

Since its inception inFrench-based underground label Ultimae Records has been setting the global standard for what could broadly be called ambient trance and its various genre spin-offs. Ambient trance, acid trance, psy-ambient, breakbeat, spacemusic. Whirring synths spiral about aimlessly, raising their voices to speak over one another without ever really settling on a purpose or goal.

MOS Album Version Codex VI by Shpongle. Archelirion February 28th Comments. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jan 4, go to album.

Twenty Three is something of an exception to the classic CBL sound but an absolutely essential one. Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 19, go to album. After listening to all of their albums quite extensively, I think this one comes out on top. ComeToDaddy February 28th Comments.


ComeToDaddy March 2nd Comments. Bandcamp Album of the Day Lifeforrms 4, You have to be logged in to post a comment.

Hydroponic Garden

Their Ultimae debut and breakthrough third album Hydroponic Garden is the first in a trilogy of sorts, where each successive album seemingly picks up where its predecessor left off. Path of Least Resistance.

Ships worldwide from USA! The final tracks are particularly indicative of this progression, featuring no percussion at all and steadily becoming stranger as the album nears the closer. MOS Live version.

Carbon Based Lifeforms “Hydroponic Garden” CD

Hydroponic Garden succeeds in forging an alternative artificial world, designed as a mockery of the real thing, and throws you into the centre. This album is like a rollercoaster that you don’t wanna get off. Ultimately this leads to a degree of repetition, but rarely does consistency ever amount to stagnation, and the subtly evolving melodies become easier lifefodms immerse yourself in.

Probably my favourite album from Ott.

Interloper is noticeably less dark than the other lifeforjs, with the shimmering “Frog” being carbon based lifeforms hydroponic garden the most luminous, openly loving piece of music they’ve done. Access the complete album info 25 songs. For a broad view of the label check out the superb various-artist collections of the Fahrenheit Project lifeformw ; for a close-up of individual talent on Ultimae look no further than Swedish duo Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstadaka Carbon Based Lifeforms.


On 27 Music Lists. Tomb Mold – Manor of Infinite Forms. Refuge – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Hydroponic Garden (album) – Wikipedia

The melancholic “MOS ” from Hydroponic Gardenfor example, summons the exquisitely-layered liquid harmonies of Tangerine Dream but confounds expectations with its brittle, crunchy trip-hop drum break. Ambient trance, acid trance, psy-ambient, breakbeat, spacemusic decades active: World Of Sleepers is positively storming at times and the album is particularly well suited to cranking up the volume.

If you’re familiar with their EP, it’s even better.