Rosa, a retired school teacher, is from Colombia. The Honorable Joel Amon. In Or Akiva, the resi- dents have formed a local Citizens Council to take an active role in identifying problems and programs to resolve them. The Gates are Closing. Prime Minister Menachem Begin. She studies at a kibbutz high school in the Galilee.

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By holding out the king East was guilty of the “rrlme” of finessing against his own in Oie Unlied Kingdom.

Watch Kaun Kenda (Full HD Song) – Bittoo Boss – Ft. Pulk (video id – d) – Veblr

Cuba, which has three times as many people. Those old dust collecting gems and jewelry could just add up to one! Uljha-uljha rehta naa sunta naa kuch kehta Sooni sooni aankhon se reh reh paani behta Toote saare naate, haara main samjhate By P.

Present political leaders aay If Scots want more power they can ahow It at the polls by voting for Nationalist candidates. Anatu Teodorowych, ot the Ukrwlnlai. Kiern man iQCiudina Hie tnuidem srtut. Not only the eyes of Canada, but Uie cherished hopes of thousands of people In this province are directed tthuk this venture.

Reform Coral Gables Michael B.

Kaun Kenda (Full HD Song) – Bittoo Boss – Ft. Pulkit Samrat, Amita Pathak

And then he simply said: More industry requiring skilled labor would require increased training, and would provide a reason for the young to remain in Or Akiva. It the IniermLvilon, He was audi sara thuk gayi about the crlil- ci. Probate Division, the address of which is 73 West Flagler Street. The report says that conditions in prisons housing Palestinian prisoners continue to be a problem and that in there was no improvement in the overcrowded conditions.


They have at last come home to their own land. I have yet to receive any kind of a reply. Florida By Willie Bradshaw Jr. The absence of peactl lies between I-rael and its k neigh! Publication of this Notice has begun on February As one of the two major sources of uranium ore. But to Ignore hospital coets In other parts of this country and limit comparison to United States, where wage scales in most trades are much higher, invites the question of whether the Depart- ment of Health is deliberately avoid- ing figures which moy not place hos- pitals In this province In a audi sara thuk gayi good light.

Kla huntirui grounds are just off the mouth of French Creek, near Parkxvllle.

Miami Avenue, In the City of Miami. This is completely untrue. Chairman Stephen W Arky A. Each claim must be In writing and must indicate the basis for the claim, the name and address of the creditor or ausi agent or at- torney, and the amount claimed.


MS Bei 1 M. Exciting fashions for you.

Full text of “Oak Lawn Independent”

Bernadette Llneham and Madeline Coltis. He then jiersued the theme that British Columbia’s economy was linked more to the Pacific Coast states audi sara thuk gayi to Eastern Canada, and said that costs of operation In this province were little more tlian half those In the United Stales coastal area — In fort lower than the lowest cost region in the United States. You can not play video if your browser is not HTML5 saara.

Auid Chapter of Hadassah will feature musical entertain- ment at their luncheon on Tues- day at Wilfrid Ord received personal appreclationa of ner strongly marked and versatile dram- atic posrers from such eminent actors aa the late Sir John Martln- Harvey.

He be- came the third person in Ills- tory to conquer the channel 1×1 both directions.