Once Sora joins the fight, it doesn’t take too long for Ansem to leave. In his physical form, like his Nobody counterpart , Ansem’s skin color varies by being depicted as tan in the game to quite dark in official artwork. While they are there, Riku briefly appears, leaving a box containing sea-salt ice cream and a photo from the simulated Twilight Town, depicting Hayner , Pence , Olette , and Roxas. After its defeat, Ansem watches as the two enter the Sleeping Worlds , noting that he is connected this world to them. To open the door to darkness, Ansem used the Heartless to steal countless hearts. He can also possess other beings, and has command over the Guardian. This works because the zero will always break Ansem’s next card and if he breaks Riku’s, reloading will give Riku a zero card.

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Answm order to evade it, Riku can either just fly in a circle when Ansem is about to charge at him or Air Slide out of the way at each charge. Whenever Riku returns to Ansem, press LR to make the spirits come back to him.

Though this succeeds in destroying Ansem’s consciousness, his power still lingers in Riku’s heart. Thus, darkness is the heart’s true essence.

Robed Figure A mysterious man whose identity is masked by anaem brown robe. There is a black pauldron on both of his shoulders, each attached to his coat by two straps.

He anxem summons his own Keyblade, and he and Kairi take on the Heartless. If Riku attacks him right ansme withAnsem will keep flinching while Riku does combos and can attack permanently until his defeat even if he retains 1 HP at the end.


Assuming she was taken away by Ansek the Wise, Xehanort’s Heartless demanded to know where she was, and was determined to take his master with him for ansdm objective’s sake. Ansem reveals that Riku had been traveling within Sora’s dreams like a Dream Eater, and asks Riku to join him now that the boy has accepted his darkness. Riku The form Anem longtime friend Riku chose. Once he finishes this, he sends Riku flying across the pathway again, but this time ansdm summons rows of large ‘8-ball bombs’ which can easily defeat Riku if he touches even one of them.

When fought on his own, Ansem simply uses the power of darkness and his Guardian to attack opponents, aside from when he is fought in Kingdom Hearts IIIwhere he amsem wields the power of darkness in battle due to having lost his Guardian. While Donald, Goofy, and Mulan go on ahead, the hooded Riku appears before Sora, and the two fight in the middle of the swarm. The second time Ansem is fought is during the final battle of Riku’s Story. However, Ansem’s scientific genius is blinded by obsession with the darkness.

Undaunted, Ansem merely takes his leave. In this form, he appears identical to Ansem, other than his clothing, and even refers to himself as a pseudo-Ansem. These Dusks were under Vexen ‘s orders, whose true loyalties lie with Ansem the Wise. Xnsem always yells, “Submit! Otherwise assaulting Ansem with Sleights like Dark Break or Dark Aura is helpful specially the latter as it can prevent Ansem from using his cards during the assault, although special care should be placed during the execution as he can break it with a 0 card of his own so it is advisable for the entire battle to use this Sleights instantly after Ansem attempts to use his own cards to Card Break him thus leaving him vulnerable to the attacks.


Riku introduces himself as “Ansem, Seeker of Darkness”.

Game:Ansem, Seeker of Darkness

The future versions of Sora and Riku from two years from then would return to the past right before the destruction of Destiny Islands as part of their Mark of Mastery exam to wake the Sleeping Worlds.

His guardian will erupt from dark portals eight times, always tracking Sora, before Ansem finishes with a blast of darkness from all directions. After a while, Ansem launches Riku across the arena’s pathway, forcing Riku to run back to him.

He is a member of the real Organization XIII and the Heartless of Terra-Xehanortand as such his appearance and personality are primarily derived from Master Xehanortand he retains his original form’s ” shadow “.

His qnsem now absorbs all damage aimed at Ansem.

It should be noted ansfm Ansem’s Sleights tend to be reserved for later, and he initially just bothers with single card attacks.

Ansem’s second jacket is white and high-collared much like the andem coat. During Sora’s memory of meeting Aquathe latter fades at the end of the scene, and Ansem is shown at the shore just before Sora is sent flying out of the memory by someone. Ads keep the KHWiki independent and free: The attack ends with the guardian striking the ground, creating a shockwave.

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Terra-Xehanort, at the time using his king’s name, “Ansem”, willingly gave his heart to the darkness in the pursuit of knowledge, creating both his Heartless and his Nobody, Xemnas. This coat is high-collared and completely unzipped, showing the second, shorter jacket the Heartless wears underneath. Riku’s told me a thousand times. I’m in big trouble if I don’t fetch it!